Provider Updates

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Prime Healthcare is committed to offering the best tools to support your administrative needs. We have created an easy method to request updates and ensure we receive what’s needed to complete your request promptly.

New Contract

Provider Updates are for those with existing contracts. To become a contracted provider, please complete our Provider Intake Form.

Demographic Change

  • Change Phone Number
  • Change Practitioner Name
  • Update Practitioner Office Hours
  • Update Service Location Office Hours
  • Update Specialty

Add A New Provider Or Term An Existing Provider

  • Add a New Provider
  • Term a PCP
  • Term a Specialist

Address Change

  • Update a Billing Address
  • Change a Service Location
  • Add an Additional Service Location
  • Remove a Location


Member Assignment Limitations

  • Change Accepting New Members Status
  • Change Panel Size (PCP Only)
  • Change Age Restrictions


IRS & NPI Numbers

  • Change an IRS Number (TIN)
  • Change an NPI Number